Arccos Ochre

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HAR Arccos Ochre 040206

A stunning compendium of fashionable rugs which have been adapted from Harlequin’s best-selling designs, across the company’s extensive portfolio. Harlequin introduces a new range of striking rugs perfect for making a stylish statement in your home, including glamorous floral, contemporary geometric and abstract patterns.Exquisitely crafted, these eye-catching wool rugs are hand-tufted to emphasis their luxurious textures and sumptuous tones. Each individual piece makes a statement in its own right, as well as acting as the perfect complement to Harlequin’s stunning fabrics and wall-coverings. Totally on-trend, yet effortlessly timeless, the Harlequin Rug Collection adds an element of luxury and elegance to any interior scheme.

Hand-tufted · cut pile pure new wool . custom sizes on request



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