About us

Maltarugs started serving the Maltese islands in December 1991 with Isfahan carpets as its brand name.

Since then our goal has been to provide the best quality carpets at the most accessible prices. The sourcing of our carpets directly in their places of origin, through our in house expert native Iranian staff, is how we fulfill our goal. Our carpets are sourced in their places of origin, enabling us a freedom of choice in quality and price which reflects in our collection. Kindly call at our showroom to choose among hundreds of Persian carpets of our collection. With the introduction of modern and contemporary rugs, Maltarugs has established its unique range of these much sought after artefacts. We offer the largest choice of these carpets on the island with the possibility of having them made to measure and color, according to the need. Maltarugs is the website that presents this choice for the ease of access.

Our made to design carpets service offers the possibility to everyone to express their talents by designing their own carpets in the colours of their choice.
Furthermore the services of hand cleaning, restoration, staining and valuation of all types of carpets are offered by Isfahan.

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